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My ship. Let me show you them.


Welcome to asian_manifesto! This community is made for the sole purpose of bringing together shippers from all sides of the asian fandom to share with others exactly what makes their favorite pairing so amazing. You are able to gather pictures, videos, quotes, fanfiction, etc. to help give readers a better understanding of just how well your ship works together. If this sounds a little familiar to you, you're on the right track! This is a community based off of the always fantastic ship_manifesto.

Here at Asian Manifesto you are welcome to sign up for just what pairing (or threesome!) you're here to represent. Good luck with that! And hey, if you're really good? You may just prove your pairing worthy enough for newcomers to jump on that ship! ... And maybe even snatch up a few converts.

. posting format

When posting, please follow this format -

Spoilers: (if you feel this applies to you)

Still need help? Have some examples: [one] [two] [three]

. rules
→ no bashing. clearly.
→ you're only allowed to make one claim at a time. (read)
→ a pairing can be claimed more than once by different people.
→ yes, threesomes are allowed.
→ if it's asian, it's welcome here.
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